Military Exercises

Another busy Saturday down at Apedale. The main project was locating a lineside hut. This had been provided to us a little while ago by our friends at the Midland Railway Centre. The hut has had some work done on it – more remains to be done – but needed to be in place before […]

Re-grading Loos Loop

A particularly physical job recently undertaken by a team of Moseley Railway Trust volunteers has been the re-grading of part of the field railway. This section, leading to an area christened Loos Loop (after the place in France), suffered from the gradient being far from ideal. In essence, the track dropped steeply in few places, […]

Tracks to the Trenches 2018

The Moseley Railway Trust is delighted to be able to confirm the details of the first guest locomotive for the Tracks to the Trenches 2018 event. Tracks to Trenches 2018 will take place on Friday 13, Saturday 14 and Sunday 15 July 2018. It will be held at the Moseley Railway Trust’s Apedale Valley Light […]

Quiz Answers

Apologies for the delay in publishing this – entirely due to an IT crisis.  Answers literally poured in, but Mrs Trellis had to cede first place to Mr Pumfrey of York, so a triumph of academia this time. Well done! Anyway, here goes….. You are sitting in a rectangular tent. It has four sides. Each […]

2018 Events

A happy New Year from the members of the Moseley Railway Trust. The Apedale Valley Light Railway will open for the 2018 season on Easter Saturday, March 31. We will then be open every Saturday and Bank Holiday Monday until November 27. Additionally, we operate Sundays of Bank Holidays weekends, the Sunday of the second […]


We have been taking advantage of the relative tranquillity between Xmas and New Year by giving a little attention to the Baldwin Tractor – not a loco seen on here very often. This loco was imported from Switzerland in 2016, but other projects have taken priority. Other projects will continue to take priority – this […]

Santa Specials

Well, folks, that’s it for the Santa Specials for 2017. The calendar allowed us to run for five days rather than the more usual four, and it was wonderful to see so many children bringing their adults along. We know that these trains are becoming a family tradition for many of you, and this is […]

The legendary Xmas quiz

Yes, folks, it’s the legendary Xmas quiz. There are three parts to this. Part One:- We have been fortunate enough to have hosted many different visiting locos at Apedale. All of these are clues which lead to the name of a visiting loco. In all cases, the locos were unloaded onto the railway and spent […]

115 mph

  It’s been a busy couple of days at Apedale. The main task has been preparing for the Great Man to visit over the next few weekends – no photos of that, as we don’t want to spoil the surprise for our visitors. Elsewhere on site, we were priveliged to host a working visit from […]

Very Wintry Track Maintenance

A necessary part of owning and operating a railway is the need to carry out maintenance. The track – laughingly referred to as the Permanent Way – is no exception. The Permanent Way is anything but – the passage of trains (always the enemy of the railway cvil enginer) will always cause movement and distortion […]