Diesel Delights and Platforms

We hope we need hardly remind you that this coming weekend – October 6 & 7 – is the 2018 Diesel delights event, when the Apedale fleet of non-steam locos is given a chance to perform. The event title is a tad misleading, but “Diesel, Petrol and Battery-Electric Delights” didn’t scan well and wouldn’t fit […]

Diesel Delights preparations

Preparations are in full swing for the Diesel Delights event on October 6 and 7. Various locos have been extracted from their hiding places around the site, and are now being fettled. Ruston 223667 was an old favourite when the School railway was in operation, but has since fallen on rather hard times. It has […]

Bank Holidays and Baldwins

The last couple of weeks have, as usual, seen lots of progress on several front at Apedale. Sadly, the August Bank Holiday weather lived down to expectations, which affected the Classic Cars event quite badly – it seems that Austin Allegros dissolve in the rain. Not to worry, we’ll try again next year! The use […]

August Bank Holiday

August Bank Holiday – always a weekend of mixed emotions; nearly time to go back to school, and the Christmas trees have appeared in Woolworths (for younger readers, that used to be a sort of shop). But why not lighten the atmosphere and enjoy what promises to be a big weekend at Apedale. We are […]

Deutz problems….

A wide variety of projects progressing at the moment at Apedale. To describe two….at rather opposite ends of the spectrum. The first is a fun project by a couple of the younger members to produce a “rail chair” – the risk assessment may be entertaining, and they can’t wait for the invite to the Ffestiniog […]

Teddy Bear Outing

Just a quick reminder that this weekend – August 11 & 12 – we are once again running the popular Teddy Bear Outing event on the Apedale Valley Light Railway. Kids with furry friends (of all types – bears, unicorns, meerkats….) travel for free and there’s a simple quiz to make the journey fly by. […]

Tracks to the Trenches retrospective

Well folks, a holiday immediately after Tracks to the Trenches rather interrupted regular updates…apologies for that. It was a wonderful three days, and hopefully the blisters/sunburn have eased by now. As is traditional and good manners, we must express our sincere thanks to many people. In no order, as they say, to all our exhibitors, […]

It’s coming home….

It would appear that Football’s not coming home after all, but lots of things have come home to Apedale instead. The Hunslet 4-6-0, no.1215, has now arrived andis being tested. New build Edgar has been seen on the main line. The Brush battery electric, used in a Mustard Gas works has impressed everyone who’s seen […]

Tracks to the Trenches – almost time

Big reminder time – next weekend, July 13, 14 & 15 is Tracks to the Trenches at Apedale – our big World War One event. It will be the last in the series of events commemorating the role which light railways played serving the fighting men of all nations. Adults £9, Children £4, family ticket […]

Advance tickets for Tracks to the Trenches

Thank you to all those who pre-ordered tickets for Tracks to the Trenches – we greatly value your support and hope you enjoy the show. Your tickets are being dispatched as we speak (now he’s stopped watching the football…..).