Point Problems

An update on progress on the Loos Loop project. You will recall that a new embankment has been built to allow the Field railway to be extended. Part of this also makes the far-end loop (the Loos Loop) into an actual loop, rather than a pair of parallel single-ended sidings. A new set of points […]

Testing Edgar

An aspect of railway operations not often covered is how new vehicles are brought into use. The older hands will tell you that “The Railway Inspectorate Approves Things”. They are wrong. The comfortable old regime was that a chap would turn up from HMRI, have a cup of tea, and the agree (after a discussion) […]

The Bus Replacement Service

Bit of a take-over by the rubber-tyre boys today. Not the Paris Metro, but the Potteries Omnibus Preservation Society who held their annual rally on our event field. And a remarkable sight it was too, with the field covered in buses of all conceivable shapes and sizes. To someone whose knowledge of buses is limited […]

Chesterton Co-Op donates defibrillator to volunteer railway

CThe Chesterton Co-Op has donated a defibrillator machine to the Moseley Railway Trust. Defibrillators can significantly improve the likely outcome for an individual who suffers a heart attack. The machine has now been installed at the Trust’s premises at the Apedale Valley Light Railway. Phil Robinson, the chairman of the Moseley Railway Trust, said “We […]

Shifting Earth

Both regular visitors to this page will have seen the rather painful manual approach being taken to extending the Field Railway. The levels in the vicinity of the project meant that an embankment was needed, which needs fill; the fill, unfortunately, was quite a long way away across the site. The Luminous Dumper was able […]

Stanhope starts

Pretty terrible weather, especially on the Saturday, rather limited outdoor working this weekend. Attention was focused on our flagship locomotive, “Stanhope”. This locally built loco (Kerr, Stuart) reached the end of its ten year boiler certification in 2018. Work has now started in earnest on the strip-down to remove the boiler, which will then be […]

The Long Good Friday

The main project this Easter at Apedale has been the groundworks for the Field Railway extension. The Field Railway, you will recall, currently terminates in a pair of sidings. These sidings are known, rather optimistically, as Loos Loop – named after the well-known town in France which featured heavily in the First World War. The […]

The Return of the Hunslet

First steam weekend of the 2019 season, and Joffre doing the honours. Meanwhile, the WOLT Hunslet has returned from its overwintering habitat (Statfold). This loco will be in use for our Easter trains – Saturday, Sunday and Monday. Despite all this excitement, plenty of other work going on in what appeared to be a vintage […]

First day of the Season

Another busy and productive day at the Apedale Valley Light Railway. Today was the first day of the 2019 passenger operating season. Prior to this, the Low Speed Track Recording Vehicle had an outing just to make sure the track was in tip-top condition after Winter maintenance. The advertised service was diesel-hauled, but a steam […]


AGM day, so a chance to have an outing with a couple of the more exotic locos in the Apedale collection – specifically the recently-restored Hudswell diesel and the charecterful ex-MoD 48DL Ruston. This one is well-known for being fitted with the low emissions camshaft engine, hence blanketing Staffordshire in smoke. Trying to emulate its […]