Bogie overhaul

Work continues at Apedale in preparation for Tracks to the Trenches 2018 (July 13-15, as if you didn’t know). Two WW1 bogies are having a featherlight overhaul as part of a wagon project. This project is part of the scope of the Heritage Lottery Fund grant we recently secured. The exact nature of the project […]

The War on Wagons

With less than two months to go until Tracks to the Trenches, most activity on site is now focussing on preparations. One of these activities is extracting the various WW1 wagons from their various hidey-holes around the railway system, giving them a good clean and making them fit-to-run. This includes things like checking brakes and […]

HLF Grant for Tracks to the Trenches

Moseley Railway Trust celebrates Heritage Lottery Fund support for Tracks to the Trenches On July 13, 14 and 15 2018, the Moseley Railway Trust will host the third of the Tracks to the Trenches events at the Trust’s site at Apedale, North Staffordshire. These events commemorate the role which light railways played during the 1914-1918 […]


A few slightly unusual photos this week. Typifying the unglamorous – actually downright unpleasant – jobs which are a necessary part of keeping the site at Apedale operational and in good order was the clearing the gutters on the Aurora North shed. If nothing else, it provided the chance for a novel view of the […]

Teddy Bear Outing

This coming Bank Holiday weekend is our Teddy Bear’s Outing. Steam trains from 1130 to 4pm on all three days, and free travel for kids who bring their favourite furry friends (that’s stuffed animals, not furry caterpillars in jam jars). Adults just £3, family tickets available in case of forgotten Bears.

Another varied day

Another busy day down the Apedale Valley shows the wide variety of work undertaken by the volunteers of the Moseley Railway Trust. The Civil Engineering department got out their best wheelbarrow and favourite cement mixer (actually the only cement mixer) and carried out major repairs to the steps which form one of the main access […]

Baldwin Beginnings

A project which hasn’t been seen on these pages for a little while is the Baldwin tractor. You may recall that this is a First World War loco, but it had subsequently been converted to standard gauge by a French company. Most of its history after 1918 is unknown, but it ended up in a […]


A few fairly major changes have taken place recently with the “frequent use” loco fleet at Apedale. Ruston No.29 “Vanguard” has been taken out of use and put into store for the time being – it has been ailing for a little while, and needs a dose of engine looking-at. This loco has been one […]

Bag yourself a collector’s item

If anyone fancies Copy 01 of the North British book, it’s now live on e-bay – see here:-   Please help support us & watch out for further fundraising auctions via the MoseleyRailwayTrust ebay account

North British Catalogue re-print

Moseley Railway Trust reprint tells the story of Glasgow loco builder during World War One The Moseley Railway Trust is pleased to announce the release of its latest reprint of a historical document. Immediately after the end of the First World War, many companies produced brochures which commemorated their contribution to the Allied victory. One […]